You can now get a hold of The Star Protocol cover art as a metal poster from Displate.

Follow this link:

Displate offer a unique and interesting way to display artwork with a revolutionary magnet mount.  All you need to do is clean your wall first to get rid of any little bits of dirt or dust.  Then peel off and stick  a supplied leaf of paper to the wall and then a thin magnet to that.  Then you can hang the metal Star Protocol poster, flush to the wall.

They really stand out and the metal Displate posters are printed beautifully.

It’s great to see the Star Protocol cover art on there now, plus Displate handles shipping.

If you’ve not gotten round to reading the scifi book written by two Devon based authors, then head over to Amazon now and search for The Star Protocol.  Or just click here:

We’ve been getting some great reviews for the young adult (and grown up kids) scifi novel, with comments on saying,

It’s a story every Sci-Fi fan has daydreamed about. It’s a fast read at 300 pages. This would be a nice book for someone just getting into Science Fiction.

And reviews from are also pretty nice,

This is a great story that can be read on the basic level of a space adventure thriller, but it’s also thought-provoking in its analogies and some of its veiled themes.

Modern Sci-fi with a retro charm, absolute belter!



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